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Don't replace it.... Paint it!

Why are kitchens so expensive?? On average a new kitchen will cost you around £5000 to £6000 with a top end kitchen being nearer to £14000. The good news is that if you are happy with the layout of your current kitchen and the cabinets are still sound, then you could opt to repaint them rather than replace them. I recently did this with the kitchen in my new house and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The old doors were vinyl wrapped but they were scratched up and looked dreadful. Under the vinyl wrap I found black high gloss, very dated and scratched up so something definitely had to be done. I removed the handles, filled the holes, and then thoroughly sanded the doors. I used a primer called Bedec MSP (multi surface paint) which is amazing stuff. I then applied two coats of Farrow and Balls modern eggshell in 'Railings'. I added some different handles and hey presto I have a new kitchen! The total cost was just under £120 including the new handles..... what a bargain.

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